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K-12 Math and Science Course Sequence




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*3 Semester Courses

Saxon Advanced Math and Calculus are generally recommended as three semester courses. An accelerated student can do Adv. Math in a year. These DIVE courses includes weekly assignment schedules for both two and three semesters.


What about Geometry?

Like the European and Asian countries that outperform the US on national math exams, Saxon integrates algebra and geometry. This makes geometry easier to understand, increases long-term retention, and raises college entrance exam scores. One-half credit of geometry is earned in Algebra 2 and one-half credit is earned in the first 40 lessons of Advanced Math. While Saxon Algebra 2 teaches all the geometry required for college entrance exams, completing the first 30 lessons of Advanced Math will build fluency, raising exam scores. Geometry FAQs


DIVE Science Course Sequence


Math is the language of science. Unlike most science curricula, DIVE courses connect math and science, teaching students how math is an important tool to better understand God, by understanding the world He created. Therefore, the course sequence for DIVE Science is based on the student’s math level.  While there are many ways to schedule these courses, following are two of the most common course tracks. Learn More


Track 1: Algebra 1 in 8th Grade

Track 1 is for strong math students who take Algebra 1 in 8th grade. The primary goal of Track 1 is to ensure that all available Advanced Placement (AP) exams can be completed by the end of 11th grade. Then, scores can be submitted with college admissions and scholarship applications. A passing score on the AP Physics and/or AP Calculus exam may significantly boost applications in the selection process.  An AP exam for Earth Science is not available from the College Board. Therefore, it can be taken in 7th grade with pre-algebra or in 12th grade. Learn More

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*This math requirement can be taken along with this science course or completed

  anytime before this science course. See our recommended math sequence above.

** Average credits earned for a passing score. Learn More

Track 2: Algebra 1 in 9th Grade

This track is for those who take Algebra 1 in 9th grade. Integrated Chemistry and Physics (ICP) is the foundation for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.  Earth Science is not a prerequisite for any upper level science courses. Students in 8th grade or higher, should take ICP when they start Algebra 1.  Learn More


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CLEP Professor

Earn up to 34 College Credits  

All DIVE Math, DIVE Science, and Shormann Math courses are designed to prepare students for the corresponding CLEP and AP Exams. These exams enable students to save time and money by earning college credit for their high school courses. After completing the DIVE or Shormann Math course, use our three week CLEP Professor courses for specific preparation for these exams. Learn more...