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Soaring tuition has many parents and students looking for alternative ways to earn college credit and avoid debt. CLEP and AP exams, which cost about $80 to earn three to eight credits, seem like a great solution. However, many students struggle with learning college-level math and science without a teacher. CLEP Professor provides that teacher!




Here is a short video of how the CLEP Professor series works. 





What's Included?

  • Diagnostic Test Prescribes Which of the 20 Lessons to Complete
  • 20 Video Lectures Teach Each Topic on the Exam
  • 10-15 Practice Problems for Each Lesson Increases Retention
  • Video Solutions to Every Practice Problem Ensure Understanding
  • 3 Computer Based Practice Exams Determine Readiness
  • Q & A Email Support with Dr. Shormann



Instant Download or CD-ROM

CLEP Professor Courses Now Available in Two Formats
Digital Download:
Instantly download this format for immediate access to your course. This is our recommended format as there is no CD-ROM to lose or damage, it contains all the exact content as the CD-ROM, and it can be downloaded to multiple computers for use by your immediate family. If you lose it, simply download again. Save the files to your desktop, USB drive, portable hard drive, etc. It plays on all Mac OS, Linux, Chromebooks, and Windows XP and higher. 
Because CDS are easy to lose or damage, we recommend the Download format above. The CD format plays on all Mac OS and Windows XP and higher. It contains the exact same content as the download.
Please note: The Download Format is recommended.
Computer operating systems and players are updated frequently. We can quickly update the file types of the download format (above) to maintain compatibility with new systems and players. However, CDs are physical products that cannot be updated. For this reason, the Download format is recommended instead of the CD.