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Saxon Math

monitor2.jpgDIVE Into Saxon Math
Increase understanding, build long-term retention, and inspire Christian character!


The lesson in the Saxon textbook is not the complete lesson. That's why John Saxon recommended an experienced Saxon instructor who could connect the incremental lessons, building complex concepts that are easy to understand. DIVE gives you that expert instruction.

With degrees in engineering and science, Dr. Shormann has taught Saxon Math 5/4 through AP Calculus and Physics for over 15 years.



DIVE, which stands for Digital Interactive Video Education, is the award winning software program that provides an expert Saxon Math teacher who teaches every lesson step-by-step on a digital blackboard that looks and sounds like a real classroom. Receiving multiple nominations to Who's Who in America's High School Teachers, Dr. Shormann has taught Saxon Math to thousands of homeschoolers for more than 15 years. DIVE into math and increase understanding and long-term retention!


What's Inside

DIVE Instructional CD-ROM

  • Weekly assignment chart
  • Daily digital blackboard lectures teach every lesson in the corresponding Saxon text
  • Lessons taught from a Biblical Foundation
  • Email Q&A with Dr. Shormann
  • Free CLEP and AP prep on DIVE Algebra 2, Advanced Math, and Calculus
  • Compatible with all Macs (incl. Mountain Lion), Windows XP and later

Student Textbook

  • Daily lessons include practice of new and previous concepts
  • Continual review increases retention
  • Lesson references make relearning forgotten concepts quick and easy

Solutions Manual

  • Step-by-step solutions to all lesson, investigation, and test questions

Tests and Worksheet Book (5/4 thru 8/7)

  • Daily facts practice worksheets
  • Activity sheets provide hands-on learning for complex lessons
  • Weekly Tests with lesson references for quick and easy relearning of missed concepts

Homeschool Packet (Prealgebra - Calculus)

  • Test Forms booklet with weekly tests. Test questions have lesson references for quick and easy relearning of missed concepts
  • Answer Key booklet with answers to all homework questions.



Dr. Shormann teaches every lesson step by step on a digital blackboard that looks and sounds like a real classroom. The only difference is, you can easily pause, rewind and fast-forward the lecture, learning at your own pace. With degrees in aerospace engineering and science, Dr. Shormann has over 15 years experience teaching all levels of Saxon Math. His unique experience enables him to understand how all the lessons in a book fit together as well as how the curriculum builds all the way through Calculus and Physics.



Teaching three to five practice problems in each lesson, Dr. Shormann reviews previously learned concepts and connects each "bite-sized" concept to the next. This makes complex concepts easier to grasp while showing students the big picture. During the lecture, students work interactively by taking notes and working the practice problems with him. They are encouraged to pause, rewind, and fast-forward until they fully understand the new concept. VIEW SAMPLE VIDEO LESSONS ON VIDEO TAB.



Connecting Scripture with math and science, he teaches math as the God-given language of science, a tool for understanding God's creation and the purpose and pattern evident in Creation. The history of mathematics is also discussed which shows the tremendous Christian heritage of mathematics and science, and how all mathematics resulted from a study of His creation. It doesn't take long to discuss, but it is important to remind all students that God is the Author and Creator of all knowledge, including mathematics. Consider this: in our world, there exists a huge collection of facts, all subject to interpretation. Who do you want to interpret those facts for your child, a Christian or a non-Christian? VIEW DR. SHORMANN'S TESTIMONY ON ABOUT PAGE.



After the lecture, students complete homework problems in the Saxon textbook. Each homework set provides continual review of previously learned concepts. Research has shown this method superior for increasing long term retention and recall time but it can be a problem for students who need to re-learn forgotten concepts. With DIVE, the student simply re-watches the corresponding DIVE lecture which is printed in parentheses next to each question. Better than giving them the answer, the student relearns the forgotten concept and immediately applies it to the problem; significantly increasing retention.VIEW A SAMPLE HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT BY CLICKING ON PRODUCT IMAGES.



The Saxon Homestudy Kit includes a Solutions Manual which shows how to work each problem step by step. We recommend reviewing the corresponding DIVE lesson first, then consult the Solutions Manual if further help is needed. If more help is needed, you can email Dr. Shormann for more detailed explanations. However, our program is so comprehensive, this is rarely necessary. SEE WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS SAY BY CLICKING ON THE REVIEWS TAB.




Why use Saxon Math?

Saxon Math is a research proven math curriculum developed in the 1980's by John Saxon. The Saxon approach is unique in that, instead of massing instruction, practice, and assessments, Saxon distributes them throughout the lessons and school year. Most math programs use a massed approach, whereby instruction, practice, and assessment of a skill or concept occur within a short period of time and are usually clustered within a single chapter or unit. Research has shown that Incremental Development, Distributed Practice, and Cumulative Assessment is superior to all other teaching methods, increasing long-term retention and recall speed which naturally leads to higher standardized test scores. However, most curricula do not use this method because it is more difficult to teach and requires continual re-teaching of previously learned concepts. As an experienced Saxon teacher, Dr. Shormann provides comprehensive lectures in a format that is easy to re-teach forgotten or missed concepts. Find out more about John Saxon and his shaking of the educratic foundations with his wildly successful math curriculum on Dr. Shormann's blog here


Where should I place my child?

If your child has done well in their previous course and it is a fairly rigorous curriculum, such as A Beka, Horizons, or Bob Jones, your child should be able to transition directly into Saxon at the appropriate grade level. If your child has struggled with math in the past, has been in public school, or you have other concerns, we recommend taking the placement test. We also offer a free consulting service to help you chart a course of success for your child.


Saxon Math 8/7 vs Algebra 1/2

We recommend students complete 8/7, skip Algebra 1/2, then go straight to Algebra 1. The only time we recommend Algebra 1/2 is if a student struggles in Math 8/7. The main difference between Algebra 1/2 and 8/7 is that the 8/7 has more foundational math like fractions, decimals, and percents. Algebra 1/2 has more pre-algebra concepts. Typically, students do not struggle with the algebra. It is usually fractions, decimals, and percents that trip them up. That is why we recommend the 8/7 first, then use Algebra 1/2 if they need extra practice before moving to Algebra 1. If the student does well in 8/7, we recommend skipping Algebra 1/2 and going directly to Algebra 1.

 DIVE vs. Saxon Teacher

 There are several major differences between the Saxon Teacher CDs and the DIVE courses. The Saxon Teacher CDs simply read the lesson in the textbook.  However, the lesson in the textbook is not the complete lesson. Saxon textbooks are published to be taught by a teacher in a public school. The lesson in the book assumes a teacher has already taught you the lesson. It is just a synopsis of the lesson for the student to review later.   

Also, many people don't realize that the Saxon Teacher was not made by John Saxon.  It was made by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (giant US public school publisher, owned by an Irish holding company called Riverdeep) who purchased SaxonPublishers several years ago. None of John's people, who understood the Saxon Methodology, stayed with HMH.  There are many other differences between DIVE and Saxon Teacher.  Here is a comparison chart:





DIVE Math Syllabi

CURRENT EDITIONScomparison-chart.jpg

DIVE Syllabus for Saxon Math 54, 3rd edition book
DIVE Syllabus for Saxon Math 65, 3rd edition book
DIVE Syllabus for Saxon Math 76, 4th edition book
DIVE Syllabus for Saxon Math 87, 3rd edition book
DIVE Syllabus for Saxon Algebra 1/2, 3rd edition book
DIVE Syllabus for Saxon Algebra 1, 3rd edition book
DIVE Syllabus for Saxon Algebra 2, 3rd edition book

DIVE Syllabus for 3 semesters each of Advanced Math and Calculus, 2nd edition books
DIVE Syllabus for Saxon Advanced Math, 2nd edition book
DIVE Syllabus for Saxon Calculus, 2nd edition book
DIVE Syllabus for Saxon Physics book
DIVE Syllabus for Saxon Geometry book


DIVE Syllabus for Saxon Math 54, 2nd edition book
DIVE Syllabus for Saxon Math 65, 2nd edition book
DIVE Syllabus for Saxon Math 76, 3rd edition book
DIVE Syllabus for Saxon Math 87, 1st edition book
DIVE Syllabus for Saxon Math 87, 2nd edition book
DIVE Syllabus for Saxon Algebra 1/2, 2nd edition book
DIVE Syllabus for Saxon Algebra 2, 2nd edition book
DIVE Syllabus for Saxon Calculus, 1st edition book 


DIVE Alg. 1 3rd ed. Cross Reference Syllabus for Saxon Algebra 1 2nd Edition book
DIVE 76 3rd ed.Cross Reference Syllabus for Saxon Math 76 2nd Edition book


DIVE Lesson Reference for Saxon Algebra 2 2nd edition book



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